The baby dragon princess consort tames the crazy

At the underwater empire Atlantis I once had ruled the sea as ‘the first empress Thalassa’,
having help with my most reliable partners-my lover and my intimate.
However, for their betrayal,
I’d been deprived of my everlasting halcyon days
and sealed with a spell for quite a thousand years.
When I regained myself…
‘From a great empress, is it true I’ve come to a petty baby such as a crab cub?’
The empire Atlantis has already gone out of existence,
and I’ve been reborn as a ‘dragon princess consort’ of another empire,
which had been founded by betrayers of me!
Then, what? Does the princess consort have
an obligation to marry the crown prince to lift his curse?
How dare you say me to do such a thing? You idiot fishballs!’
I ought to find out why the empire Altantis had fallen down,
even destined to be married with the crown prince. What a great world!
‘Well, I can’t help associating with the prince until his curse goes away!’
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