Red Hot Revenge

“Obey your parents when you’re young, and obey your husband after you marry.
That’s your place as the eldest daughter of Chandler family.”
Following her father’s command, Scarlett, an obedient daughter of Chandler,
headed for the capital city to marry with the duke of Huntington.
However, that duke, who would be a fiance of Scalett, already has had his own mistress.
Scarlett had just been chosen to a cloak of their relationship.
Even, the previous day of her wedding, Scarlett overheard her fiance talking to his mistress,
“She just has a usage for preserving my family.”
Only then did she learn the unpalatable truth that her father had overlooked all those dishonesties
of her fiance and just had exploited her marriage of his business.
To tear her wedding dress, Scarlett resolved,
“Been a good girl, I've belived I could get love for reward.
I’d never cheat myself into that barmecidal virtue!”
To get her freedom from her husband, she determined to start a long way.
I will take my revenge in the way he did for me,
betraying him for using mans approaching to me!
But why are all the mans close to me…
…consisted of a handsome knight, a candidate of the throne,
and even my husband’s best friend?
Revenge and freedom, can Scalett have cake and eat it too?

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