For stepmother, it’s so easy to escape death

작품 소개
The last time of my previous life was with my father who had maltreated me for life.
After I fainted away by the oven explosion,
I awakened in the new world of my last reading novel!
”I- I’m sorry, ma, mother. I won’t get sick…”
I found I possessed the body of villain stepmother ‘Leella’,
who had abused main character ‘Hillua’ when he was a child.
After Hillua grew up, he became a emperor and took revenge
to Leella by executing her.
For Hillua’s blissful life without his abuser, I visited Duke ‘Laciar Huppert’,
who would be the godfather of Hillua in original novel
and suggested contractual marriage to him…
”Why not we get ‘true’ marriage, not contractual?”
”C, Could I get a sleep with you, mom?”
Different from my plan leaving from two men 1 year later,
somehow the Duke and Hillua start to cling to me…!
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